CJA 483 Week 5 Learning Team Territory of Apollo Proposal Presentation

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Due to a series of natural disasters, a portion of California has broken and separated from the mainland, forming an island. To help pay for the disaster relief, the United States government has permitted the Apollo corporation to purchase the land and form its own territory. Apollo is considering which criminal justice system to implement.

Prepare a 17-20 slide Power Point presentation proposal to be presented to the Board of Directors of Apollo, identifying the recommended criminal justice system, the reasons underlying your recommendations, and the practical considerations of implementing the system; for example, how the criminal code will be established, what the main tenets of the criminal procedure will be, how the police system will operate, and how the correctional system will be structured.

Choose either a civil law, common law, socialist law, or Islamic law system, or create a hybrid.

Specific Instruction this presentation is a minimalist presentation.

No clipart or graphics unless they directly relate to a point in your presentation- e.g. maps or overhead imagery, etc.

No animations, builds or backgrounds / themes.

Bullets on each slide should be in 24-point to 16-point Ariel font, no smaller than 16-point. Make extensive use of your notes pages to explain each bullet point.

Present the assignment at the end of Week 5.

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